About us

EJUST Art & Design Programs (AnD) has a distinctive innovative approach towards the ultimate creativity that define and challenge modern problems, innovate to create curious and resourceful effective solutions through distinguished inspired designs. We prepare our Art & Design students for a world that is full of opportunities for designers, and enable them to combine practical, hands-on making with creative thinking while deploy flexibility of approach within well-established disciplines to turn their ideas into reality.

Built upon a strong notion of design thinking education, you’ll learn to mix cutting-edge with traditional technologies as we make your learning experience grounded and innovative. Our students are prepared to adapt the Digital Transformation in developing their own unique ideas as they work from an initial concept right through to the end-user product, while maintaining the Intellectual Property Rights. The AnD Programs are supported by staff that are active academics and practitioners in their respective fields, they include Industrial Product Design, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, and Arts in Creative Industries.

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Our Vision

From regionally unique programs, the E-JUST Art and Design aims to lead in promoting the contemporary art and advancing design excellence and become the major international hub for leadership in the discipline and the profession by fostering a comprehensive multi-disciplinary environment for research and practice, critical and creative thinking, artistic expression, effective communication, cultural awareness, and community engagement in an evolving global environment


Our Mission

E-JUST Art and Design students are designers, artists, inventors, and researchers who are taught to employ the transformative power of design sensibly, innovatively, and purposefully. E-JUST Art and Design distinct cohort of students and faculty delves into various sets and dimensions of engagement, from on-campus curricular and extracurricular activities and research initiatives to collaborations that bring about change in their local community and the surrounding and extended world.

E-JUST will accomplish this mission by broadening the Art and Design new programs provision as an eccentric academic society, agile and receptive to change, that:

▪ Aims at the effective engagement with crucial contemporary topics.

▪ Focuses on people and their culture in designing products, practices, settings, services, and environments to improve the quality of human lives and conditions, a methodology that brings into play design thinking and creative, and innovative arts.

▪ Pins down Project-Based Learning (PBL) at the heart of the learning experience.

▪ Benefits from the distinctive location of the E-JUST and connects to peer global Art and Design centers.

Our Goals

Studying at the Art & Design programs will develop:

▪ the ability to be creative

▪ the responsiveness to aesthetic

▪ the intellectual inquiry

▪ the teamwork skills

▪ the gratitude for the diversity

▪ the understanding of value and quality

▪ the capacity to explore and research in a different range of styles

▪ the merit of significantly reflecting on personal knowledge and progress

▪ the power to respect ethical considerations in a creative manner

▪ the ability to act autonomously, promoting resilience and self-determination

▪ the talent to connect in a range of designs.