Study system

Art & Design build confidence and inspire self-expression through creativity and has played a significant role in innovation-based start-up culture as it is a rapidly growing sector that has a substantial influence on the economy as well as individuality. Art & Design as a subject matter on the core curriculum, develops the skill of learning while at university as well as training students for life after university.

Studying Art & Design subjects is generally taken for granted as an entitlement for developing critical thinking and the talent to understand the surrounding world. In the workplace, creativity in tandem with wellbeing improves health and happiness, the competence to think creatively is the buzzword to solve nearly all problems and innovate are an essential skill in innovative industries today. Nearly all of the products and services we use on a daily basis were primarily the idea of an artist or designer. Art & Design encircle humanity and are vital to the global economy.

Taken as whole, this Art & Design program offers a matchless understanding that Art & Design teaching occurs in diverse contexts outside the formal lecture room, it involves community-based contexts as well as industry-based instruction. E-JUST will be leading the contemporary Art & Design in higher education within the region and will be a vital, and at times interesting program. The Art & Design program is an encouragement to all academics to envisage the future educational manner for enhancing the student experience in the coming future decades.

The study in Art & Design undergraduate programs is in 160credit hours and full-time mode.

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