Participation in Exchange meeting with Hiroshima University students in Embassy of Japan, Cairo

An exchange meeting was held, organized by the Embassy of Japan and Hiroshima University. During the meeting, students from Hiroshima University who came from Japan on a visit to Egypt for training and E-JUST University participated in events’ activities. This event will serve as bridges of communication in relations between Japan and Egypt in the future. The event was attended by Associate Prof. Ahmed Romouzy, Director of Art & Design programs and Dr. Nada Hossam Kamel, Assistant professor of Interior Design, accompanied by 2 AnD students.

Joint Workshop on Art Based Research Theory and Practice

Meiji University / Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology

Out of solid belief in the "Art-Based Research" and to give students the chance to experience a performative approach to social science research, Meiji University and E-JUST cooperated to carry out a Joint Workshop on "Art-Based Research" Theory and Practice.


The workshop was organized by Dr. Ahmed Awaad, Associate Professor; Dr. Ahmed Romouzy, Director of Art & Design Programs; Dr. Nada Hossam Kamel, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, E-JUST, Dr. Makiko Kishi, Associate Professor, Meiji University, Prof. Kubota Kenichi, Professor Emeritus, Kansai University and Dr. Okano Takasei, JICA E-JUST Project Chief Advisor.


5 Japanese students from Meiji University + 10 Egyptian students from Art & Design programs, E-JUST. Students were divided into 5 group (1 Japanese and 2 Egyptians) to work on different themes related to Art-Based Research. Each group used art- based techniques to do fieldwork on a subject that interests them. Workshops, debates, site visits and presentations were organized for this program.

The program composed of one Online-Session prior to Meiji’s students’ arrival to Egypt. Through which students introduced themselves to each other prior to the commencement of the program. In addition to the Onsite-Session and site visits in Egypt. The Online session was held in the end of July, while the visit to Egypt was from 27th (Sun) to 31st (Thu) August, 2023 in Alexandria and Borg El Arab.

The program has begun as scheduled on Sunday Aug.27th by 5 Japanese students’ reception and Prof. Kishi Makiko, in addition to 10 Egyptian students, Prof. Ahmed Romouzy, and Dr. Nada Hossam Kamel.

A Lecture entitled “Introduction of Art Based Research” has been presented by Prof. Makiko. Then we divided students into 5 groups, each one consists of one Japanese student and two Egyptian students. Every group selected a research topic to which ABR has been applied to cover the following topics:

  • Life story of Alexandria
  • Happiness
  • Alexandria (culture of the people)
  • Space
  • Signs icon in Alexandria

They visited Bibliotheca Alexandrina to check and study the research topic. Then, they walked around Alexandria, collecting research materials, in a practical experience depending on ABR.

This program lasted from Monday Aug. 28th to Wednesday Aug. 30th.

On Thursday 31st Aug., the five groups met at E-JUST to allow each group to present their findings.

They got great and wonderful outcomes and benefits by transferring mutual experiences between Japanese and Egyptian students through joint program working.

(July 2023) EJUST- 2nd Art & Design Programs Exhibition

The second exhibition is for Art & Design Programs students to showcase their work from Spring Semester Courses such as "Still Nature Drawing" and "Art & Culture in Museums," as well as a variety of mini-projects in the domains of product design, interior design, and digital media.

Participation in the: The Second Arab Conference on Intellectual Property: Combating Piracy and Commercial Fraud in Light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” International and Arab Experiences”

On October 23, 2023, at the headquarters of the Arab Administrative Development Organization - League of Arab States in Cairo.

The conference aims to illuminate piracy and commercial fraud crimes, their manifestations and forms, and their threat to national economies, as well as the mechanisms for combating them by presenting Arab and international experiences and explaining the agencies that fight them and the importance of international cooperation.

The conference covers images and types of piracy and commercial fraud crimes, piracy in software and information technology, the economic effects of piracy and commercial fraud, mechanisms for combating them, and the role of international agreements. It also presents the most important Arab experiences. International cooperation against piracy and commercial fraud.

(January 2023) EJUST- 1st Art & Design Programs Exhibition

The first exhibition for the students of the Art & Design programs for the (Design Basics and Fundamentals) course, which is the main nucleus for learning design in its various tracks. The exhibition included about 400 selected pieces from the works of 56 students of the first batch of the programs, which reflect the level of innovative ideas and thinking skills that the students acquired during the first 15 weeks of their university education.

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