Student Activites

(GET TOGETHER) Event- Summer 2023

Before the start of the academic year 2023-2024, and with the aim of the AnD programs emphasizing the team spirit within their members, the programs organized the (Get Together) event attended by program staff, teaching assistants, besides 2nd and 1st year students. Each one of the staff and the TAs introduced themselves and their backgrounds to the newcomers students. Additionally, the 2nd year students presented their personas to the newcomers in order to get to know them better and build deep connections between them all.

AnD students museums visits during Spring 2023 as part of (ADF 316 Art & Culture in Museums) Course

As part of the “Art & Culture in Museums ” course, AnD students visited more than 7 museums in Cairo and Alexandria , in the Spring semester 2023. In today's global society, museums, art collections and heritage are undeniably important components of our identities and cultures. The museum's current strong position in constructing knowledge and identity must be understood in the context of its historical setting and the social, political, ethical and intellectual frameworks on which it is based. Accordingly, students visited one museum weekly to learn about the history of collection formation as well as current issues affecting museums in this discipline.

Participation in the (Kids of Hope) event, Organized by: The Alexandria North Rotary Club.

In coordination with Future Hands Hospital 4040, the Alexandria North Rotary Club.held a day of recreation for children with cancer under the slogan “kids of hope.” E-JUST Staff and students, besides the Rotary Club members joined the children in activities such as drawing, coloring, and other light activities to suit their health condition.

Attending the eighth Cairo Wood and Machinery Exhibition (Cairo Wood Show 2023)

Attending the eighth Cairo Wood and Machinery Exhibition (Cairo Wood Show 2023) at the Cairo International Convention Centre on December 9, 2023, to familiarize first-year students with raw materials and machines, which connects them to the industry and its applications, and to learn about new technology, furniture and wood manufacturing machines, alternative materials, and production requirements.

UK visit

visit to Cardiff Metropolitan University (20th-24thNovember 2023)

(December 2022) Art & Design Students visit to the Cairo International Wood and Machinery Fair

Number of the faculty staff, teaching assistants, and students of Art & Design programs, visited the Cairo International Wood and Machinery Fair 2022 at the Cairo International Conference Center in Nasr City, at the invitation of Engineer Ayman Heikal. Executive Director of the Wood and Furniture Industry Chamber.

During the visit, the students got acquainted on the raw materials and industry supplements for the furniture industry, and linking study materials with ways to benefit from them in practical life for the benefit and future of the Egyptian industry, especially the field of design and manufacturing of furniture.

Engineer Nader Shaheen, Director of the Technical Office of the Chamber of Wood Products and Furniture Industry, welcomed Dr. Ahmed Romouzy, Director of Art & Design Programs, and a delegation from the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology of faculty members, teaching assistants, and 57 students of the first year of Art & Design programs. They visited the various exhibition pavilions and talked with the manufacturers and importers and get acquainted with everything new in the world of wood processing, including advanced digital equipment and machines that keep pace with the technological development in the world of industry in general and the wood industry in particular, in addition to attending a group of specialized seminars in which a number of pioneers in the field of wood industries in Egypt and the world spoke.

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